- Slétta - OrbitRed comissioned us to present the new DYNAUDIO speaker Model - Music 1 along with other artist from around the word to visualize our favourite music songs.

Our work "Slétta" isinspired by the music of Icelandic artist "Björk". We feel strongly identified by her music, her technological exploration in constant evolution, her connection with the nature and her involvement with the environment.

Nature is the fundamental part of our life , and we must respect and to take care of it. In "Slétta" we have represented an ecosystem with generative organisms that are being born from the interior of the speaker, in wich they coexist with human life in perfect harmony and stillness. The connection between music and nature is represented at the top, where we can see how an organism interprets an eternal song by propagating some of its notes as spores to the outside world.

Client: Dynaudio
Date: 20.11.2017