Nicol Vizioli

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Nicol Vizioli is a photographer and artist from Rome. Nicol , began as a painter and gradually her fascination of still images developed in the form of a strong passion for photography. Nicol’s work has a rare and natural intimacy; she uses photography as a means to disclose the multitude of physical feelings arising when drawing on a white canvas. The insight of her work draws upon many different places, such as the natural and animal world, mythology, literature and finally painting: photography is therefore regarded as the convergence point, where all of them meet. Painting and photography are inseparable in her work, they influence each other, in a continuous, never-ending flow. After completing her degree in cinema she moved to London, where she has recently completed an MA in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. Born in Rome, she lives and works in London.

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