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Polynoid is a German studio founded in 2007 by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Bruncken, Letay Csaba, Fabian Weber Tom Pross as creative platform to showcase films and experiments Their Own. Encompasses the creative process from conceptual design, artistic direction and design to real production and finishing. They use a narrative technique that combines new forms of storytelling with a shared interest in progressive sound design to create a minimalist, photo real and abstract .sensory experience.


Year: 2011
Client: Yes
Studio: Polynoidae
Director: Polynoidae
Length: 20 ”


Year: 2010
Client: Auto
Production company: Academy of Motion BW
Duration: 5’30 ”
Directors: Jan Bitzer, Ilija Bruncken, Csaba Letay
Coach: Fabian Pross
Producer: Regina Welker
Sound: Joel Corelitz / waveplant
Artists: Felix Mertikat, Jeon Jin-Ho, Roman Kälin, Tom Weber, Christian Hertwig, Finger Silke, Jacob Frey, Leszek Plichta, Georg Schneider, Anja Wacker, Gebhardt ‘Felix’ Andreas, Falko Paepe, Sarah Eim
Sound Mixing: David Axelbaum / Audio airflow


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